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Muriel (keyboards) / Clive (Guitar/Vocals) / Craig (Drums) / Gareth (Bass)
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Clive Haylett
Clive Haylett Clive has been playing classical guitar, bass and lead guitar since his teens, and won Cape Town Best Bass Guitarist at The Battle of the Bands at City Hall when he was 18. Bands and artists he has worked with include Wigwam, Sativa and Now (1970s). He toured Europe and played on the Astor passenger liner (early 80s) as part of the 'Haylett and St George' duo, played at Tom's Cabin in Sea Point for 4 years (late 80s), was resident musician at the Ambassador Hotel, Bantry Bay for 2 years and at the Mount Nelson Hotel for 5 to 6 years (90s). As well as writing lyrics, music and playing guitar and vocals for SHA, he currently teaches guitar privately and at the Jazz Workshop in Cape Town.
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Gareth Sherwood
Gareth Sherwood Gareth started classical piano and flute at school in Zimbabwe and then learned to play guitar and joined a rock band (Steam Rollers). After moving to the UK in his 20s he discovered the bass and played with various bands and toured Europe with On-U-Sound. Returning to Africa he settled in Cape Town, playing and recording with various bands such as India, Psycho-Deli, Joe Public and The Maveriks. Gareth enjoys working with various bands and artists, and is the technical genius of the band, as well as being the recording manager and producer for various projects.
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Craig Angilley
Craig Angilley Craig discovered his love for playing live music at The Bass when he was in Std 8, and has since played drums and percussion in various bands including Smoking Brass (1986 - ska/reggae), Full Tilt at The Brass Bell (rock/funk), Dolly Rockers and Sessions Grahamstown (alternative) and Nagual at Vortex (trance). Craig's inspirations include Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, and more recently Primus, Audio Slave, Grace Jones and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
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Muriel Sherwood
Muriel Sherwood Muriel has studied classical piano since age 8 throughout junior and high school and continued with part-time studies at UCT College of Music and privately. She has played for schools, ballet studios and at Cape Town and Afrikaans Eisteddfods. In the past few years she has been adding jazz, blues and rock to her repertoire. Favourite music and artists include pianist / singer / songwriter Peter Cincotti, jazz pianist / singer Diana Krall, The Doors and Santana (organ, piano and keyboards inspiration), and Middle-Eastern / North African percussive / gypsy music.
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SHA play a mixture of their own original songs drawing from their varied / collective influences such as reggae/ska, blues, funk, punk and classical music, as well as cover songs by artists such as ZZ Top and Lenny Kravitz.
The band has self-produced an EP of six original songs in 2007 which may be found below or purchased on CD from them at gigs in and around Cape Town, South Africa. They are currently working toward their next EP whilst steadily increasing their loyal fan base, and can can be found on the following sites :

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