About Gareth
I am a musician by trade and am currently based in Cape Town (one of the most beautiful sites anywhere) Cape town

I try to stimulate my imagination as much as possible so any trivia, deep and meaningful information and completely irrelevant stuff please
send it my way, as I am into general information gathering/sharing/practicing, on many subjects including crystals, gyroscopes, sci-fi, advanced weaponry /communication /psycho /techno trends, (religion, politics, history and finance may from an overview point of view prove interesting).

To this end I have decided to dedicate another page.

my passport photoI have been playing music since I was about twelve and studied music formally in Zimbabwe playing both piano and flute. Shortly before leaving school I discovered the guitar and got involved with my first "real" band.
In 1985 I then went to the U.K. and for one reason or anther I ended up staying there (mostly London and Leeds).I became a pro (as in living off music) musician in 1988 having discovered my main instrument the bass the year before.
During this period I played with a number of bands, the most notable being "Hotalacio", part of the "On-U-Sound-System"the others were at that time all unsigned,"The Witches","In The Pink " , and by no means least, my favorite band so far " 3 into 1 ".
I was also involved in a couple of recording projects:
Saffron was done with the lead vocalist form In The Pink who writes excellent lyrics unfortunately I've lost contact, if any one knows anything I would really appreciate it.
Ellora was done with a previous "almost" student of mine who a couple of years later really kicked my butt badly by asking me to help him with this project. Again I've lost contact so if anyone could please help re-establish it.

I returned to Zimbabwe late 1992 (see essay) and then came to Cape Town in 1993 and have been trying to find my feet here since.

The first band I got involved with was "One Big Rush".
as has been a tendency through out my career this was fun, exciting, and
unfortunately short lived.
This was followed in quick succession by "Misdemeanor",and then "The Mavericks" on the "Robin Auld Zen Surfin" tour.
Around March 94 I then got involved in two separate bands, from the start, instead of the by-then-familiar-role, of filling in."india" and "Psychodeli "

The latter is no longer together, unfortunately, but was primarily a live band,
whilst "India" is primarily a studio band which is currently recording the second album.
Both bands have recorded:
Psycho Deli released two cassette singles under " Street Level Records"
Funky Spunky Chicken Junky ...cover
Low Rinse MP3
Funky Spunky Chicken Junkie
Giant Sun MP3

Whilst india have released a C.D. under there own "Barking Tree" label
In Another Place...cover
In Another Place
india MP3


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