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Welcome to my portal page, this is a mostly static page linking to my internet stuff past and present.

About me :
I'm a musician / computer geek living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here's my original Bio written around 1996.

Here are some mp3's 'till about 2003.

2004-2006 I spent building EZ-CD, a music kiosk concept running on Linux (slackware10.0), the primary article is Push the Button which is re-published here and there is another article here
EZ-CD, John and I

In 2008 I decided to get back into making music and
(i) recorded some songs with a band SHA
(ii) started a blog "Musical Sketches" (below) which is my current main access point as to what I'm up to now, and contains feeds from my ReverbNation profile as well as anything else I may be envolved with.

Gareth and Fawn at heath Rd 2003

Musical Sketches

by Gareth aka HipHop Hippy aka hhh

Last but not least there's the inevitable FaceBook.

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